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Macro Photography Camp- Buxa Tiger Reserve, a trip report.

At the northern frontier of West Bengal, tucked between the Sinchula hills of Bhutan and small town of Alipurduar, there lies a vast expanse of tropical forests known as Buxa Tiger Reserve. The area of Buxa Tiger Reserve is around 760 sq. kilometres.

Magical Buxa Tiger Reserve

Landscape of Buxa Tiger Reserve.

Many peoples come here to see Tigers but they return with empty hands. But if you have keen eyes to see the smaller life forms you must see tigers. Yes ! We have spotted around 30-40 tigers in half an hours. Not only that, we spotted 4 types of them. I am not joking, I am talking about Tiger Beetles.

A Tiger Beetle preying on another

A Tiger beetle preying on another Tiger Beetle of different type.

There are plenty of them, there are numerous bugs, beetles, wasps, bees, spiders, dragonflies, mantys and finally, there are thousands of butterflies. Buxa Tiger Reserve is like a home to me, and as a macro photographer I am blessed that I have this home. Many of my awarded macro photographs are from here.

The magical Buxa.

Recently I organised a "Macro Photography Camp" here at Buxa. The camp lasted for 4 days. In these four days we scouted from river beds to lush green jungle, from plains of Terai to hills of Sinchula range. and we were gifted the bounty of insect life that we never have imagined. Started from 4 types of tiger beetles, we get 6-7 types of spiders, from ant mimicking spiders to jumping spiders of such size that can easily mistaken for baby tarantula. from preying mantis to stick insects, from jewell beetles to strange robberfly. We learn some techniques of macro photography, flash photography, spotting of macro subjects, habitat study and got some breathtaking photographs. Apart from macro photography we did some interesting activities like interacting with the local ethnic communities, trecking, bathing in river and tasted the local beer called Chhang. Here are some pictures of countless macro fauna of the place.

A strange looking larva of a ladybug beetle.

An unknown beetle.

Jumping Spider.

Preying Mantis.

Unknown Beetle.

Jumping Spider.

Jumping Spider.

A strange looking orb spider.

A long Horned Beetle.

Spiny Orb Spider.

Tiger Beetle.

Red Weaver Ants.

Strange looking Robber fly.

Ant Mimicking Spider.

A Huge Jumping Spider that can easily mistaken as Tarantula.

A Stick Insect.

Purple Sapphire Butterfly.

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